November 2, 2016

About Us

Who We Are:

Indiefits exists to help independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses get the benefits they need and deserve. We offer a range of curated insurance products designed specifically for independent workers and entrepreneurs. We help you understand your needs and find products that fit your lifestyle without all the headaches and frustration. Real benefits to protect your most important asset: You.

What We Do:

Benefits for Independent Professionals. Period.

We have access to hundreds of curated insurance products designed with the indie professional in mind to help you protect what matters: Your Health, Your Life and Your Income. We stand between you and the waves of BS preventing you from realizing your greatness. Indiefits is like your new super power. Customized, transparent, and affordable benefits so you can focus on doing the work you love.

Origin Story

The idea for Indiefits was started when our cofounders were working in the hospitality industry and saw tons of their friends working their asses off doing things they loved without a safety net. Their employers and clients weren’t providing benefits and that was a scary place to be.

We’ve witnessed the rise of an entire industry of indie workers, entrepreneurs and professionals pursuing their dreams without a safety net. We’ve also seen millions of people trapped in jobs they hate “just for the benefits” and we think that’s fundamentally un-American.

We’ve also realized, by talking to hundreds of indie workers and entrepreneurs just like you, that there is a ton of misinformation out there and a serious lack of knowledge. Nobody knows what they need, how it works or where they can go to get it.

We think finding reliable, affordable insurance is too much of a hassle. We don’t think finding benefits should be so difficult, fragmented, and frustrating. There has to be a better way to make finding great insurance suck less.

Enter Indiefits. Benefits for Independent Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Period.