October 31, 2016

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Understanding and finding benefits can be daunting. The IndieFits 15 minute review provides independent professionals a “no BS” assessment of your situation and needs and recommendations for what kinds of products you might want to consider. Knowledge is power.

The IndieFits Review

Our Promises

  • We promise to listen and not “sell” you a thing. We don’t want you getting anything you’re not in love with.
  • We promise to educate you and keep the jargon out. Simple answers with simple explanations. That’s the “No BS” part.
  • We promise to keep it confidential. We’re bound by HIPAA laws to protect the integrity of your information and needs. We’d spit shake on it.
  • We promise we can get you real answers and direction. Understanding your insurance options shouldn’t take an advanced degree or an act of congress.

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